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Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 5 Lesson 30 Adam-Ondi-Ahman


Post the Tenth Article of Faith

Write on the board → ADAM and circle his name or put a box around it

Also write these words, surrounding his name:
first, wife, garden, fruit, cast out, mortal, children

Ask them “Who was Adam?”

Have them come up and cross out a word, and describe what they know about Adam with that word as the topic.

first: Adam was the first man God placed on the earth
wife: Adam’s wife was Eve
garden: They lived in the Garden of Eden
fruit: They partook of fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil
cast out: They were cast out as a result of their choice as they had disobeyed God
mortal: They became mortal at that point
children: They were able to have children because they were then mortal

Today we’re going to learn about how Adam relates to the latter-day church members and our latter-day church!

Illustrate as much as possible to hold their attention

So if you remember, they were told to leave Jackson County, Missouri.
But in 1836, they received permission from the government to move to northern Missouri, so another part of the state, to begin a new county!

In this new area, they built a central city called Far West.
There were other towns around it. Draw on the board what this would look like on a map

Back in Kirtland Ohio, there were some problems.
Some people who had been members of the Church were becoming enemies of the Prophet.
In 1838, Joseph Smith was warned that some men wanted to take over the Church!
And kill him!
Joseph needed to leave Kirtland for his safety, and the Church in Far West needed help getting organized.
So it made sense for Joseph and Emma to move to Far West.

Joseph’s enemies didn’t want him to leave Kirtland. So they were going to try to stop him.
Joseph had to sneak out! His friends helped him.
They hid him in a large box and put the box in an ox cart.
They drove the cart out of town and no one knew he was in that cart.
He got out of the box when they were safely out of town, and he got on his horse and rode to Far West with Sidney Rigdon.

They got about 60 miles, waiting for their families, and continued.

However, their enemies chased after them for more than 200 miles! They had guns!
But they couldn’t catch them.

Joseph was welcomed into Far West and a few months later, he received a revelation that they should build a temple there. He received this revelation in April 1838 and later on July 4th a small local church army called the Mormon Militia, and Church leaders, and Church members formed a great procession. They marched to music! They went to the place where the temple would be built and they formed a circle.

Sidney Rigdon spoke and the crowd shouted Hosanna!
This sounds just like a dedication service for when a temple is already built!

A bit earlier than that, in May 1838, the Prophet and others were looking for places to build other cities for church members. They came to a place called Spring Hill. Joseph received a revelation there.
The Lord told him the name for Spring Hill was Adam-ondi-Ahman.
This meant “Valley of God, where Adam dwelt”

Write Adam-ondi-Ahman on the chalkboard -- you could simply add it to the Adam already on the board

It’s the place where God talked with Adam way back in the Old Testament times.
At this place, Adam called his family together before he died so he could bless them.

Why is this extra important to us now?
That place is also going to be important coming up -- it will be where Adam will come again near the time of Christ’s second coming.
Adam will hold a great council.
All the prophets who have held keys of priesthood authority upon the earth will come to this council to give a report of their work to Adam.

Here’s some of who will be invited: Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Elijah, Elias, Peter, James, John, John the Baptist, and Moroni.

Jesus will then come.
Adam will return the priesthood keys to him.
Christ will then return to earth to begin the Millennium!
That’s the 1,000 years when Christ will live on earth and reign over the earth.

This was pretty exciting for everyone to hear!
Joseph that area should be a gathering place for Church members who were moving to Missouri from Kirtland. Many church members moved there and considered it a blessing to be there.


Let’s talk about what we do know about the Millennium:
  • Everyone will be able to see the Savior
  • All the wicked will be destroyed
  • People and animals will live in peace
  • Satan will not have power to tempt anyone
  • There will be neither sorrow nor death
  • A person will grow old, then be suddenly changed from mortal to immortal
  • The Lord will reveal all things about the earth and heaven, including how the earth was created

If we are trying to live the gospel, we need not fear the Second Coming!
We will be protected so we can do the things Heavenly Father wants us to do for him.

There is a great scripture in D&C 38:30
“If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” This was in a revelation given to Joseph Smith.

What do you think that scripture means?
Give them each a piece of chalk or dry erase marker and have them write their thoughts on the board.

How does that scripture relate to the Second Coming? If we are prepared for the Savior to come, we won’t be afraid of what will happen before and when he does come


Show this video telling the story of the Parable of the Ten Virgins

Tell them to pay careful attention because they’ll have questions to answer.

Before starting the video, hand out an index card or half sheet of paper with these questions and space to write answers:

1/Who does the bridegroom represent?
2/What does the oil represent?
3/The ones with extra oil were wise and prepared or foolish and unprepared (circle one)?
4/The ones without extra oil were wise and prepared or foolish and unprepared (circle one)?

What can we do to be prepared?
follow commandments
keep our baptismal covenants
keep the Sabbath day holy
read scriptures
serve others
forgive others
share the gospel with others

Have playdough or something similar for each kid
Show them an image of what the oil lamps would have looked like.

Good site here with images:

Give them time to create/shape their own - they will need a piece of paper to work on to keep the clay clean (paper towel may leave an imprint which may bother some kids)

Have extra playdough in a yellow color to represent oil
Have them shape tiny balls of yellow playdough - decide how many, 5? 10?
Talk about the ways you can prepare from the list above.
Have them drop their balls of oil into their lamp one by one as you discuss each way to prepare

This could be adapted to use actual oven-bake clay that you take home and bake for them, etc. Very adaptable.


You could have one or all of the songs below playing in the background while they’re shaping their lamps so they get familiar with the tune(s). Then if you have time, sing these songs (have words etc prepared for them).


Tenth Article of Faith song

When He Comes Again


Take home could be a small new container of playdough and the scripture “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” D&C 38:30

A take on the word “prepare” and give something pear-flavored or a pear itself with a note about being “pre-peared” or to “pre-pear”

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Short Attention Span Sunday School Primary 5 Lesson 29 Missionaries Go to Other Nations



Write on the board: “Have I been a missionary today?”

Post world map on the board

Start singing Children All Over the World:

Post up each foreign language word (or write on the board) as you sing it

Our restored Church started here in the United States, but everyone in the world is a child of God!
So it makes sense that He would want all of His children to hear the gospel.
The early church leaders wanted to get started on this as soon as possible!

use illustrations and also photos from this link:

Remember how Jesus had 12 apostles helping Him?
In the restored church, there also needed to be the same!
In February 1835, twelve men were called and ordained to be Apostles.
They were to be the “special witnesses of the name of Christ” and to go to all the world to preach the gospel and teach people about Jesus Christ.

They traveled hundreds of miles doing missionary work!
They also strengthened and taught the church members.
But they weren’t the only ones who served as missionaries.

Joseph himself went on many short mission trips to states near Ohio and to Canada.
Other men were called to be missionaries to areas around Kirtland, Ohio, to teach about the restoration of Jesus’ true church.

Most would go for a few weeks or month, come home for while, then go somewhere else.
The wives and children would stay home and take care of the families and farms.
Soon these missionaries traveled farther and served for longer periods of time.

Heber C Kimball was one. Show image of him from online.
In 1837, Joseph went to Heber who was one of the Twelve Apostles, in the Kirtland Temple and told him he had a revelation that he should serve in England.
Elder Kimball was poor and he worried he couldn’t serve, but he still accepted and prayed.

He and six other men went to Liverpool, England. Show on a map
After they’d been there a few days, the Spirit told them to go to Preston, a town 30 miles away.
When they arrived, they saw a lot of people in the streets. It happened to be election day for them.
They saw a banner that said “Truth will prevail” and took it as a sign that they would be able to share the truth and be successful!

The next day, the missionaries were invited to preach at a church. Some of the people in the church had actually dreamed about the missionaries before they had even come to England!
They also taught in homes and on street corners.
Within a week, some people were ready to be baptized.

Some people were so eager to be baptized, they raced down to the river where the baptisms were!
George D Watt was England’s first baptized convert. Show image of him from online.


Show either just the first part or the whole video


Within 8 months, the missionaries had taught and baptized over 2,000 people in England!
Heber C Kimball returned home to Kirtland in May 1838 after being gone almost a year!

In 1839, the Lord wanted more of the Quorum of the Twelve to go to England.
Many had malaria at the time, even their families too, but they left anyway and had faith the Lord would take care of them.

Brigham Young and Heber C Kimball gave a cheer as they left, even though they were very sick: “Hurrah, hurrah for Israel.” Their wives were sick too, but they called back at the door, “Goodbye, God bless you”
Show this painting depicting this:

Elders Young and Kimball had only $13.50 between them, which they were given by friends.

They traveled Missouri to Kirtland and expected their money to not pay very much of their way.
Elder Young went to get the money out of his trunk to pay for the first part of their journey, and found that they still had more money left. That kept happening all the way to Kirtland.
They were able to travel 400 miles and felt heavenly messengers must have given them more money.

As all the Quorum of the Twelve arrived in England, they split up and went to different areas.

Wilford Woodruff went south to Herefordshire - he found many really eager to accept the gospel!
Show image of him from online.

Sometimes he even had over 1000 people attend meetings where he taught!
One man was a constable (like a police officer) and came into the meeting and said he was sent by another church’s preacher to arrest him for preaching.
Elder Woodruff explained he had a legal license to preach, and asked the constable to sit down and listen and that he’d talk to him after the meeting.
The constable sat and listened to Elder Woodruff’s teaching the principles of the gospel for over an hour.
At the end, seven people wanted to be baptized, including four preachers from other churches and the constable who had come to arrest him!
The constable returned to the preacher and told him he wouldn’t arrest Elder Woodruff, because Elder Woodruff preached “the only true gospel sermon he’d ever listened to in his life”!
The minister sent two people to spy on Elder Woodruff’s next meeting to see what he taught.
Those two men were also converted and baptized!

Through Elder Woodruff and a few others, over 1,800 people were baptized in southern England!

The other apostles also had great success in England.
By the time they’d all returned, thousands of people had joined the Church! Many came to the United States to live.

When the twelve returned to Nauvoo, Illinois,where the Church headquarters was at that time, they began to send missionaries to other countries!
Elder Orson Hyde had already preached in Germany and the Netherlands.
Missionaries were soon sent to islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The word of the Lord had begun to spread to all the nations of the earth!

download this in order to be able to show it without relying on church building wi-fi

Let’s watch a video showing some of this!


Welcome them to the SSMTC - the Sunday School Missionary Training Center!

Have a printout of all the missions around the world
Show where some are on the map
Have them pick a country and see what missions are there
Then have them pick a state in the United States and see what missions are there

Then give them a missionary call with wording like this:
“Dear ______ ________:
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
You are assigned to labor in the __________ Mission.
It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of _____ months.
You should report to the Sunday School Missionary Training Center on Sunday, _______ 2017.
You will prepare to teach the gospel in the ______ language.

Have small black cards with white colored pencil names written in and hand out.
Remember if they’re serving foreign language missions, have the Sister/Elder written appropriately (find out Google what it should say)

Have tape or something to attach to their shirt.

Sing “Called To Serve” - one verse (have the words for them or hymnbooks)

Time to practice being a good missionary!

Some from Primary 3 Lesson 25

  1. Your friends who aren’t members of the Church hear you singing “I Am a Child of God” and ask you about the song. How could you use this opportunity to tell them about the Church and invite them to Primary?
  2. You’ve noticed a new boy in the neighborhood. He is shy and hasn’t made any friends yet. How could you be a good missionary?
  3. Your brother gets up on Sunday morning and doesn’t want to go to church. What could you do to be a missionary?
  4. Your friend invites you over during the time you’d be at church. How could you explain your conflict in a way that a missionary would?
  5. You hear about a Primary activity coming up, and think about a friend of yours who would probably really enjoy going to it. What can you do to be a good missionary?

Video on being a good missionary to those around you
Reach Out With Love

If this video has already been shown to your class, pick from these missionary ones:

Find blogs from missionaries that you know from your ward, stake, family, and download some of their letters and the photos that go with it.
Read to the class or have them read portions, especially interesting experiences and their testimonies!

Treat like Swedish Fish or goldfish crackers along with a note about being “fishers of men” and this quotation:
“Every man, woman, and child—every young person and every little boy and girl—should serve a mission. This does not mean that they must serve abroad or even be formally called and set apart as full-time missionaries. But it does mean that each of us is responsible to bear witness [testimony] of the gospel truths that we have been given. We all have relatives, neighbors, friends, and fellow workmen, and it is our responsibility to pass the truths of the gospel on to them, by example as well as by precept [teachings]” - Spencer W. Kimball