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Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 6 Lesson 4 The Fall of Adam and Eve



1/ Post my family history all the way to Adam (I happen to have this!)
2/ Post the Gospel Art image of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
4/ Post “Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy” 2 Nephi 2:25


Salt and pepper static experiment!

Good example:
(more videos on how to do it are online)

Do it first without relating it to anything.

Today we’re going to talk about POWER.

Redo the experiment (just add more of the same or point out the elements etc.)

Here we are (salt).
We are pure.
But (sprinkle pepper onto the salt) we all sin, none of us is perfect.
We become like the salt with pepper in it - impure.
What hope is there for us?
The spoon represents our Savior Jesus Christ.
Static electricity is a type of energy and power.
The Atonement is an amazing power in our life, too.
No matter how serious our sins are, the Atonement has made it possible for us to be clean again.

Today we're going to discuss POWER and the ATONEMENT.

Print out each line, and post each line as you say them so they can learn the concepts better (especially for visual learners):
Adam and Eve were prepared from the beginning to play a role in the Plan of Salvation.
The Savior was prepared from the beginning to play a role in the Plan of Salvation.
That Plan makes it possible for us to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father.
It’s through the power of the Atonement that we have the opportunity to return!
And it’s through the Priesthood that we can return!


Print out the story of Adam and Eve onto many pages, 1-2 sentences in large font per page.
Mix them all up.
Have the class (or small groups with their own set) put the story in order.

Since this is the first “story” this year, it’s a nice way to get them interested in the stories in the Old Testament by actively thinking about the process of the story and what they are learning.

Key tip is to write a tiny code on the back of the papers so you know what order they’re in as it can be hard to remember in the moment, in class.

You could do a simple tiny number in pencil on the back but if it’s in a dark pen and large, they’ll spot it and want to cheat.

You can summarize on your own, or use my version below - sources include the scriptures, illustrated scriptures, and manuals. 

The best method is to have them spread the papers out on the floor and when they have two or three together that they think is right, tell them it's right and perhaps stick together with a piece of tape. They will feel more confident continuing if they know some of it is right, plus it saves time in case they doubt themselves and rearrange.

Each separate section would be its own page:

Adam and Eve were created by God “in mine own image” and God blessed them and said unto them “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth” and they were placed in the beautiful Garden of Eden. God was with them in the Garden of Eden and they enjoyed His presence.

Out of the ground grew fruit and flowers in the Garden of Eden, and also the tree of life and tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Heavenly Father commanded “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it, nevertheless, thou mayest choose for thyself, for it is given unto thee; but, remember that I forbid it, for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” They would have to leave the Garden of Eden. If they did not eat it, they could always stay in the Garden of Eden. God said they could choose.

Adam and Eve did not know the difference between good and evil. One day Satan came to the Garden and sought to tempt Eve to go against Heavenly Father. He wanted to destroy the world.

Satan asked Eve - you can’t eat of every tree? And she said God had told them not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or even touch it, or they should die.

Satan said the fruit was good, that they would be of gods and not die but be wise and that they would know good and evil.

Eve decided that she would eat of the fruit of that tree and Adam did also because he had to be with her. If she was going to go against God and be cast out, he had to be cast out too as they had to be together.

Once they had partaken of the fruit, they heard the voice of the Lord and hid. They were afraid and knew they had disobeyed God.

God called for Adam and Adam told him that he had been hiding. God knew this meant he had eaten of the tree. Adam said Satan told them to eat it, so they did.

God told them that they now had to leave the Garden of Eden. They could no longer live there. They had to work hard to get food. They grew older and knew that someday they would die. They knew good and evil. They had children. They knew both sadness and happiness.

In the end, they were grateful for their choice because they would know good from evil, they would have joy, and they could return to the presence of the Lord. “Blessed be the name of God, for because of my transgression my eyes are opened, and in this life I shall have joy, and again in the flesh I shall see God.”

After they've successfully put it in order, no need to review very much as they will have internalized the story simply by having to arrange it in order.
Brief review questions:
When we shouted for joy and supported Heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation and accepted that the fall of Adam and Eve was a necessary step.

Why was it necessary?

Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, we are blessed with mortal physical bodies, we can choose between good and evil, we have the opportunity for eternal life.

If they’d remained in the Garden of Eden, would those things have been ours? No, they would have remained in the Garden and never known good from evil or had mortal bodies

We needed a Savior so we could live again and return to our Heavenly Father.
Jesus Christ was this Savior that we needed and he was chosen before the world was created.

*Because my first 11-year-old to turn 12 is in February, I need to incorporate a portion of the Priesthood Preparation lesson in with our lesson this week

So let’s talk a little bit more about power.
I want all the boys to stand up.

Boys, what’s a power that you are preparing to be worthy of receiving? Priesthood
Who is the first one of you to turn 12?

What is the Priesthood? How would you define it? Power and authority to act in God’s name

What things can happen through this power? Baptism, gift of the holy ghost, sealings, blessings, etc.

Why do you think being prepared is important?

You learned last year that Joseph Smith was prepared for many things after the First Vision in the Sacred Grove.

What are some things he had to be prepared to do? Receive the plates, translate them, establish the church, etc.

How do you think those years of preparation helped him?
Became more wise and mature, gained a stronger testimony, showed faith through sacrifice

What are the duties of a Deacon? - print out to pass out to everyone or have one of the boys read it out loud to everyone:

Warn, expound, exhort, and teach, and invite all to come unto Christ - D&C 20:59

Pass the sacrament, watch over the Church, assist the bishop with temporal things, fellowship quorum members and other young men - Priesthood manual

If you have time, you can plan to have a current Deacon (perhaps the Deacons Quorum President) come in to talk about how he prepared for the Priesthood and what the duties are.

How can you boys, future Priesthood holders, and you girls, future YW who will benefit from the Priesthood (including having faith in it), prepare?

Let’s play a little game to find out...

PRIESTHOOD PREPARATION PICTIONARY (this was done in one of my prior lessons for Primary 5)

Get them to guess the bold term through either Pictionary on the board or through Charades, then talk about how it relates to the gospel: (cut some of these if you don’t have time) 

Water → baptism 
Food → bread of life/sacrament
Rain Jacket → worthiness to have the holy ghost
Navigation (compass, map) → scriptures
Illumination (headlamp, flashlight) → personal revelation
Knife/Tool → prayer
First aid kit → atonement
Fire (matches, fire starter) → gift of the holy ghost
Emergency shelter → worthiness to enter the temple

And now I’m going to read you a true story of survival and the importance of being prepared!
Listen carefully for ways this hiker was able to survive because of their preparedness!

A Story of Survival: The Importance of Being Prepared

Last week, we heard news of a 62 year old Californian hiker who survived 9 days with a broken leg in the rugged Sierra Nevada wilderness. While hiking with the Sierra Club, Miyuki Harwood left her hiking group and headed back to camp because of her low water supply. On the way, she slipped and fell about 6 feet, breaking her leg.

After two days of waiting in place, Harwood crawled about 150 yards down a ravine to a source of running water. She was able to use her water bottle’s filter to make the water safe to drink and waited for help to come. Unfortunately, a nearby wildfire clogged the air with smoke, making it difficult for searchers in aircraft to be of use. While she waited, she took shelter under a tree and drank from the nearby creek. She had no food to eat or pain relief from her broken leg. Nine days after her initial fall, Harwood made contact with search and rescue groups by using her emergency whistle.

Review what you learned from that story!

Reference what’s on the board:
Adam and Eve were prepared from the beginning to play a role in the Plan of Salvation.
The Savior was prepared from the beginning to play a role in the Plan of Salvation.
That Plan makes it possible for us to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father.
It’s through the power of the Atonement that we have the opportunity to return!
And it’s through the Priesthood that we can return!


The world may tell you that Adam and Eve made a big mistake.
We know that it was a necessary step in the Plan of Salvation.
We should be very grateful for Adam and Eve!
Grateful for knowing how to prepare!
For being able to return to the Lord’s presence!
For the Priesthood! Options for a scripture to include with a take-home item: "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy” - 2 Nephi 2:25
“Adam blessed God and was filled, and began to prophesy concerning all the families of the earth, saying: Blessed be the name of God, for because of my transgression my eyes are opened, and in this life I shall have joy, and again in the flesh I shall see God.”
- Moses 5:10


Take home item ideas: Preparation things like a small first aid kit, a small flashlight, band-aids, hand sanitizer, hand warmers, or something related to light or power like a glow stick.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 6 Lesson 3 The Creation


from an awesome lego birds book by thomas poulsom


Post on the board:
As children of God, we are His greatest creation. - Russell M. Nelson (President!)

If you have photos of your class, print for the board to put under the quotation.


Prepare a slideshow in Powerpoint (or download the photos to show on a phone/tablet/etc.)

The photos should all be extreme close-up macro lens photos of things in nature, including things like close-ups of sand (which is mind-blowing) and snowflakes.

Pass out paper to each student - the paper should have a numbered list and be titled something like "Guess: What Is This?"

Starts the slideshow and have them write their answers down.


Today we are going to learn about something pretty miraculous and wonderful - the creation of this earth!

When you were looking at the slideshow at those amazing close-up photos, what were you thinking?
wow, cool, is this really real, how did this all get created
The creation of our earth is one of the most amazing miracles.

Here’s some things to think about:
The earth has to be just the right distance from the sun or everything would freeze or burn.
Without the right amount of oxygen, humans and animals couldn’t breathe.
If there wasn’t enough gravity, we would float off the earth.

You can share more earth facts as long as you check they are true (these were from the manual)

This earth wasn’t some sort of accident or coincidence, it was created by a loving Heavenly Father who directed Jesus Christ to organize this beautiful earth for us.

So let’s get our Old Testaments out and turn to the FIRST page!

Pretty exciting!

Read Genesis 1:1-2:3, everyone can take turns reading one verse until it’s done.

So here’s some questions about what we just read:
Who created the earth?
Why did Heavenly Father want it created?
Why are there so many wonderful types of plants on the earth?
What do we use some different plants for? wheat for bread, cotton for clothing, eating, etc.
What about fruits and vegetables - what’s inside some of them? seeds
Who doesn't like spitting out black seeds when you're eating watermelon?
Or spitting out the pits of cherries?
Or who has a hard time getting those slimy seeds out of the inside of pumpkins?

Seeds can be inconvenient sometimes, but why are they there? so that plant or fruit can continue to be planted and not go extinct / you can bring in fruit for them to eat here, cut open fruit and look inside and pass around apple slices, strawberries, etc.

Some seeds we can eat - can you think of any? sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, chia

Seeds that we can eat are super healthy - think of all the healthy vitamins and minerals inside! there's a lot of information online to share about amazing plant information inside seeds that you could share

What did God command the fish and animals and birds to do?
What about Adam and Eve - in whose image were we created?
What is our responsibility to the earth and all living things on it?
What did God say about his creations?
What did He do on the seventh day?
What should we do on the seventh day?
What are some of your favorite things to do on the sabbath day?


download this to watch in class

This is narrated by our new prophet!

After watching:
What are some things you learned from this video that you didn’t know before?
- each eye has an autofocusing lens, each eye works together to make a 3D image
- your heart has four valves that open and close more than 100,000 times a day
- the body renews its cells

What did the Apostle Paul describe our body as? the temple of God
- our body is the temple for our spirit
- how we use our body affects our spirit
- we were created in the image of God

When you think about all that was created for our earth, what are you extra thankful for?

I’m extra thankful for sunrises. I take photos of them when I’m up early getting my kids off to their schools. Share photos.


So to celebrate the creation, I thought we should actually have some fun creating things.

Bring in either a big box of Lego, enough playdoh for everyone, markers/paper, etc.
I know my class will respond well to Lego so I based my lesson around this.

Give either pairs or individuals a baseplate each, or bags of Playdoh, etc.
Have a large container or small containers of Legos, either separated by color or not.

Have the scriptures for each day either printed out individually (to pass out one at a time as you go through each day) or have scriptures open to that section.

First, read the scripture about the first day, then have them start creating.
Give them just a few minutes (depending on your time left divided by 6 days).
Have everyone stop and show their first day creation.
Then move onto day two (scripture first, etc.)
Finish up the rest of class with this activity.

For an easier to reference breakdown of each day, use this:


I am so thankful for this beautiful earth and all the creations that help me see the love our Heavenly Father and our Savior has for us.

We are so blessed with fresh fruit and vegetables!
We are blessed to be able to have gardens to grow and learn from!
We are blessed to have animals to take care of!
We’re blessed to have beautiful sunsets and sunrises, mountains and oceans, and we are blessed to be one of the creations put on this earth through the Plan of Salvation to learn and to grow.

Take home ideas:
- something for them to be creative with, either related to the art medium chosen for your lesson or something else, like a small container of playdoh or new markers or colored pencils, etc.

Chocolate minifigures from a mold:

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 6 Lesson 2 Jesus Christ Was Chosen to be Our Savior



Post up the Third Article of Faith
We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved,
by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.

Also post two quotations on the board (below)
Write on the board above the quotations: Who said it? Spider-Man or Moroni

“For behold, the Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil;
wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good,
and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ;
wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God.”

“Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice.
It’s the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what’s right.”

(first is in Moroni 7, second is Spider-Man)


Get out a domino set (mostly to be used later)

Today we’re going to be talking about the Savior’s part in the Plan of Salvation
and about our choices.

set up a quick domino path of regular dominos (not the ones you have marked for later)
and then dramatically make them all fall
…are really important.

And one particular choice that we all already made is really important.

We'll come back to the dominoes a bit later.


Adapted from

Following the example from the website, print out or draw (or draw on the board)
Path A and Path B.
At the top of one path name it A and draw a big sun and at the top of the other name it B.  

So here we have a choice to make.
Path A and Path B
You’re going to have to choose which path you want to follow and I’m going to describe each one.
Are you ready to listen?

If you choose Path A, it is not going to be easy.
There are going to be some hills you’ll have to climb, but as you climb them you’ll get stronger.
There will also be a lot of beauty along the path.
And some spots that aren’t as beautiful.
There will be choices to make on that path, and because there are choices it’s possible that
not everyone will make it to the destination.
But guess what, you will be able to experience this path with your family.
And at the end of the path is a place of so much happiness and so much beauty.
There will be a place on this path that you won’t be able to cross.
You’ll need to have some help to continue.
There will be someone so pure and so perfect that will come.
That person will sacrifice to build a bridge for you so you will be able to continue on the path.
This person is willing to do this just because He loves you (and you and you...point to each kid).
He does not want any glory.
And if you endure allllllll of the difficulties along the path and use the bridge, you will be blessed.
You will be with your families forever and you will gain a great reward.

Okay, ready to hear about Path B?
If you choose Path B, it will be easy.
Your choices won’t matter because everyone will make it to the destination.
But because there are no choices and no accountability, there can be no growth, and no happiness.
This path is led by a person who is known as "the father of lies.”
He is one who cannot be trusted.
He seeks to have all of the power and glory and will take away your agency to get it.

So to review, Path A - there will be someone perfect to follow.
He will build the bridges needed to help you continue on your path.
Path B - you will not be allowed to have your agency, to make choices.
You will be led by someone who is not looking out for you, just looking out for his own power
and glory.

Does this sound familiar?

When was there a time where you were presented with two plans and had to make a choice?  

Read Moses 4:1-4 together.

Last week we talked about the Plan of Salvation, and today we’re going to talk about what
happened when Heavenly Father presented his plan to us during the Grand Council.

What did Heavenly Father say that Jesus, his Only Begotten was? Chosen from the beginning
Jesus was chosen by Heavenly Father from the very beginning to be an essential part of His plan!
We also chose Jesus when we chose to follow our Heavenly Father’s plan.

Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior - what does it mean to be a savior?
What does Jesus save us from? Both spiritual and physical death
We are able to repent, which saves us from spiritual death
We are also be resurrected, which saves us from a physical death
Why did Heavenly Father choose Jesus over Lucifer?

How did Lucifer want to change Heavenly Father’s plan? (verses 1-2)

So after this plan was presented, one third of the spirits chose to go with Lucifer’s plan.
They had agency.
The rest, the other two-thirds, chose the Savior’s plan.
They had agency.
There was what we call a war in heaven.
It says in the Bible that there was a war in heaven and those who followed Lucifer were cast out.
Doesn’t this mean they never came to earth and received a body? Yes

It says that Satan/Lucifer/adversary/devil rebelled against God.
He sought to destroy the agency of man.
Satan was allowed to do this because he himself had what? Agency
It says that I the Lord God had given him that agency.

What is Satan and what are his followers doing now?
In verse 4 it says that he is the father of all lies, he now deceives and blinds men, he leads
them captive.
He and his followers are spirits only and they are constantly tempting the children of God to
do wrong.
What are some things that our gospel teaches us to avoid? Addictions
When we are addicted to substances, we are literally captive to them. We have lost a lot of
our agency.
These are some ways that Satan can tempt us to make wrong choices and be miserable like him.

But sometimes, can't it be hard to know what's right and what's wrong?


Adapted from

Place two patterned papers on the floor side by side with the patterned side facing up.
Have the truth/lie papers on the back as shown on the side.
From the top they should look identical.

Yes, sometimes it can be really hard to decide what the right choice is.
Just like these papers - they look the same.
How can you tell?

Let’s read some scriptures to figure it out: Moroni 7:15-19
Focus on → seeing that ye know the light by which ye may judge which light is the light of Christ

What does it mean to search in the light of Christ?
Have you ever had the power go out in your house and you light a candle or use a flashlight?
What about when you’re camping and you use a headlamp?
Sometimes you are literally searching with a light and you really count on that light to help you.
When we’re trying to find the truth and to know how to choose the right, we need the light of

Turn off the light and pull out a flashlight
Hold a flashlight through the back of each paper
Read each message

Which is the right choice?
It’s very easy with the light to tell which one.
When we use Jesus as our example, as our light, when we are deciding whether something is
right or not, then just like shining that light, we can easily tell right from wrong.


Adapted from LDS Living

So let’s talk about choices.

Get out about a dozen dominos that you’ve brought.
Have one already labeled as “choice”
Have about 10 more each labeled as “consequence”

So let’s talk about this domino (the choice one)
It represents a choice that you would make, the choices in our life that we face.
It seems kind of small, but it can have many consequences.
Let’s talk about the choice to tell a lie.

What are all the consequences for telling a lie?
Feeling guilty, others finding out the truth, losing the Spirit, losing people’s trust, etc.
Stand up a consequence domino for each idea they give and place them closely together
Place the choice domino at the beginning and push on it!

One small choice can have many consequences!

What are the consequences of telling the truth?
Feeling good inside, people trust you more, you may get extra privileges

Let’s think of some other choices and consequences. (ideas from the manual)
Good examples: Pray, attend church, being cheerful at home, kind to a new neighbor,
reverent in church
Bad examples: Steal or cheat, grouchy at home, not keeping the Word of Wisdom


Adapted from

Choice isn’t only just what am I going to do today, should I watch that TV show with the bad
words or not, should I tease my friend when I know their feelings will be hurt, etc.
Choice sometimes is also how we think about something, our attitude, our thoughts, our feelings.

Let’s think of some really sour/icky things that can happen to you in a week.
Examples: Your car won’t start, a friend makes fun of you, you spill spaghetti sauce all
over your church clothes, you get a low grade on a test at school, etc.

Those are some pretty icky and sour things, right?
I brought something else that’s pretty sour - lemon juice! Get out a little bottle of
lemon juice that’s unopened (so it doesn’t need to be refrigerated yet).

Who wants to try a little lemon juice? Give a little squirt into separate plastic spoons
for those interested.
See how sour it is?

Every day there might be hard and really icky sour things that happen to us.
It doesn’t feel good just like this lemon juice doesn’t taste good.

In order to make that lemon juice not so icky, you need to add some sugar, right?
How would you describe sugar? Nice, sweet, amazing, etc.

The love of our Savior is like the sweet sugar.*
If we recognize the Savior in our life and the love He has for us, it can help us to
have a good attitude, so even on hard days our attitude can help bring sweetness to our day.
Thanks to the Savior!
*thanks to reader Kathleen G. for this approach/idea

So while I didn’t bring sugar, I do have lemonade for everyone to taste what a good attitude can do.
Pass out cups and pour some lemonade.


My testimony is very strong about the importance of the role of our Savior in the Plan of Salvation.
We made the choice to come to this earth, to follow His plan, and to have a chance to return
back to him.
The choices we make each day help us stay close to Him and continuing to make those choices.
How grateful I am for His sacrifice for us, for His part in the plan.

Some thoughts below adapted from Carolyn J. Rasmus:
Choices can be really hard. Sometimes the choices you make will be made fun of.
Your friends will want you to swear like they do, or tease others, or cheat.
They may want you to drink coffee or even try drugs.
You might be afraid or lonely.
It will take courage to keep choosing the right, but the Lord will help guide you and direct you.
He will give you strength!
You will also feel more confident in yourself as you make those choices.
And then the right kind of friends will want to be around you.

Send them home with small juice boxes of lemonade with a note or scripture about the
choosing the right, having a good attitude, sweetness of the gospel, etc.
Perhaps 2 Nephi 31:20 about having a perfect brightness of hope.