Thursday, January 18, 2018

Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 6 Lesson 3 The Creation


from an awesome lego birds book by thomas poulsom


Post on the board:
As children of God, we are His greatest creation. - Russell M. Nelson (President!)

If you have photos of your class, print for the board to put under the quotation.


Prepare a slideshow in Powerpoint (or download the photos to show on a phone/tablet/etc.)

The photos should all be extreme close-up macro lens photos of things in nature, including things like close-ups of sand (which is mind-blowing) and snowflakes.

Pass out paper to each student - the paper should have a numbered list and be titled something like "Guess: What Is This?"

Starts the slideshow and have them write their answers down.


Today we are going to learn about something pretty miraculous and wonderful - the creation of this earth!

When you were looking at the slideshow at those amazing close-up photos, what were you thinking?
wow, cool, is this really real, how did this all get created
The creation of our earth is one of the most amazing miracles.

Here’s some things to think about:
The earth has to be just the right distance from the sun or everything would freeze or burn.
Without the right amount of oxygen, humans and animals couldn’t breathe.
If there wasn’t enough gravity, we would float off the earth.

You can share more earth facts as long as you check they are true (these were from the manual)

This earth wasn’t some sort of accident or coincidence, it was created by a loving Heavenly Father who directed Jesus Christ to organize this beautiful earth for us.

So let’s get our Old Testaments out and turn to the FIRST page!

Pretty exciting!

Read Genesis 1:1-2:3, everyone can take turns reading one verse until it’s done.

So here’s some questions about what we just read:
Who created the earth?
Why did Heavenly Father want it created?
Why are there so many wonderful types of plants on the earth?
What do we use some different plants for? wheat for bread, cotton for clothing, eating, etc.
What about fruits and vegetables - what’s inside some of them? seeds
Who doesn't like spitting out black seeds when you're eating watermelon?
Or spitting out the pits of cherries?
Or who has a hard time getting those slimy seeds out of the inside of pumpkins?

Seeds can be inconvenient sometimes, but why are they there? so that plant or fruit can continue to be planted and not go extinct / you can bring in fruit for them to eat here, cut open fruit and look inside and pass around apple slices, strawberries, etc.

Some seeds we can eat - can you think of any? sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, chia

Seeds that we can eat are super healthy - think of all the healthy vitamins and minerals inside! there's a lot of information online to share about amazing plant information inside seeds that you could share

What did God command the fish and animals and birds to do?
What about Adam and Eve - in whose image were we created?
What is our responsibility to the earth and all living things on it?
What did God say about his creations?
What did He do on the seventh day?
What should we do on the seventh day?
What are some of your favorite things to do on the sabbath day?


download this to watch in class

This is narrated by our new prophet!

After watching:
What are some things you learned from this video that you didn’t know before?
- each eye has an autofocusing lens, each eye works together to make a 3D image
- your heart has four valves that open and close more than 100,000 times a day
- the body renews its cells

What did the Apostle Paul describe our body as? the temple of God
- our body is the temple for our spirit
- how we use our body affects our spirit
- we were created in the image of God

When you think about all that was created for our earth, what are you extra thankful for?

I’m extra thankful for sunrises. I take photos of them when I’m up early getting my kids off to their schools. Share photos.


So to celebrate the creation, I thought we should actually have some fun creating things.

Bring in either a big box of Lego, enough playdoh for everyone, markers/paper, etc.
I know my class will respond well to Lego so I based my lesson around this.

Give either pairs or individuals a baseplate each, or bags of Playdoh, etc.
Have a large container or small containers of Legos, either separated by color or not.

Have the scriptures for each day either printed out individually (to pass out one at a time as you go through each day) or have scriptures open to that section.

First, read the scripture about the first day, then have them start creating.
Give them just a few minutes (depending on your time left divided by 6 days).
Have everyone stop and show their first day creation.
Then move onto day two (scripture first, etc.)
Finish up the rest of class with this activity.

For an easier to reference breakdown of each day, use this:


I am so thankful for this beautiful earth and all the creations that help me see the love our Heavenly Father and our Savior has for us.

We are so blessed with fresh fruit and vegetables!
We are blessed to be able to have gardens to grow and learn from!
We are blessed to have animals to take care of!
We’re blessed to have beautiful sunsets and sunrises, mountains and oceans, and we are blessed to be one of the creations put on this earth through the Plan of Salvation to learn and to grow.

Take home ideas:
- something for them to be creative with, either related to the art medium chosen for your lesson or something else, like a small container of playdoh or new markers or colored pencils, etc.

Chocolate minifigures from a mold:


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