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Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 5 Lesson 46 Strengthening our Testimonies of the Restored Gospel



Write “KNOWLEDGE” on the board

Christmas decor on the table and put up some lights around the board!


Show this image from

Discuss what it’s telling us about how to gain our own testimonies.

What are some things that you have learned lately? What knowledge have you gained?
(they’ll probably tell you things they’ve learned at home or at school)
(share some cool facts about science or history)

While I love learning new things about the world, about science, about cool things I can make or do, new music I can listen to, interesting places I can visit…what’s the most special to me are things that I learn about Jesus Christ. This type of knowledge has a special name.
Do you know what it is?

Go to the board and continue writing “knowledge” so that the board reads:
Knowledge about Jesus Christ is a testimony


You know how on some Sundays, people can go up during Sacrament Meeting and share their testimony?
If some kids in the class have done this, have them talk about how they feel when they do it, what makes them want to do it, how they feel after, why they do it, etc.

How do you gain a testimony? (write HOW in big letters on the board, hand them chalk and have them brainstorm answers underneath)

Hand out 2 Nephi 28:30 or have someone look it up
Discuss that we gain our testimonies a little at a time.
We learn things, we try to live that way, we make mistakes, we repent, we learn how to draw closer to the Lord, we learn how to listen to the Spirit helping us choose the right, etc.

Hand out a dot to dot from that results in an image of the temple.
Link here for some options:

Ask them to think about their dot to dot activity as they listen to a quotation:
Pass out the quotation from Joseph F Smith from the manual about “line upon line” and have someone read it out loud.

Discuss how the dot to dot activity relates to the quotation!

Have the wordstrips from the manual printed out or written out and ready.
Write or post on the board the main “I can strengthen my testimony that…”

Then post up the wordstrips one at a time.
Discuss each one and use the questions in the Discussion/Application section and scriptures in the Preparation section.

Pass out an index card and pen/pencil and as you go through each wordstrip, have them copy it onto their index card. (at the end they’ll have a list of elements of a testimony to ponder at home)

Help them recognize how they feel when they think about these elements of a testimony.
Feeling good and happy inside is a witness from the Holy Ghost!
Emphasize that they already have the beginnings of a testimony.
They need to add to it and strengthen it through action -- prayer, study, obedience, and sharing with others.


Post up his quotation on the chalkboard.
Have them write the formula on their index card.


Give them a clipboard with a piece of paper and a glue stick.
We’re going to go on a line-upon-line scavenger hunt!
Go on a scavenger hunt with the clues below (take off the answers!), one line at a time.
When they go to that part of the building, have them glue it on, in order, underneath
(When they’re done, it will spell TESTIMONY if they read the bolded letter down).

Redo it for your building as needed based on the way your building is laid out (so you don’t have to zigzag across but can do a loop around to find everything).

Strips to cut out:

Our scavenger hunT starts here in our classroom!

These were growing in thE Sacred Grove (tree outside)

Remember that baptism is like a gate through which you Start your journey towards eternal life (door back in)

This place has plenTy of copies of the Book of Mormon if you need one (library)

He is our SavIor, he visited Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove and has appeared in temple (find a painting showing Jesus Christ)

Go to where we partake of the sacraMent and renew our baptismal covenants (chapel)

The organization of the restOred Church includes leaders who are set apart to help us! (bishop’s office)

Go where the where the youngest Primary kids learN about Jesus (nursery)

You will have finished our scavenger hunt once You are back in our classroom!


Prepare a take-home bag but don’t seal it yet - have a note about “bear-ing” their testimony on the outside of the bag. There are good number of scriptures and quotations, including D&C 58:6.

Inside that bag, have another smaller sealed bag inside, filled with Teddy Grahams

At the end of the lesson, have them put their index card inside so they can take it home safely, then seal it up!

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