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Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 6 Lesson 18 The Birth and Calling of Moses



Much of this lesson is adapted from one I taught for Primary 5:

birds-eye view of our church building on Google Satellite


Write on the board: How is life like a maze?
And hand them out a piece of chalk to come up and write their answer on the board.

Post quotation by President Hinckley on the board as well.


If possible, invite your Stake Patriarch or a teen who recently received their Patriarchal Blessing visit your class to discuss their feelings about it.


Discuss their answers.
How life like a maze? (we can make many different decisions and follow different paths, but only one will lead us to eternal life)

Those dead-end paths in a maze? What does that represent in life?
How do you feel when you get to the end of a loooong dead-end that you don’t know is a dead-end, then you realize it is? (frustrated, regretful)
How do you feel when you solve the maze?

We each have our own path to follow in our life, our own maze.
This maze of ours is ours only, with things that are for us and only to us do and to experience.
This is like our mission in life, what is our mission? We’re figuring that out, right?
A mission is something important that Heavenly Father and Jesus need us to do.

Can you think of some different missions people have in their life? (parent, leader, example, teacher)
Each one of us (give them each eye contact at this point!) has a mission, maybe more than one, to perform on earth.

There’s a lot of good in this world.
Maybe your mission in life is to bring awareness on a certain topic.
Maybe it’s to do service for poor or disabled children.
Maybe it’s to invent something that helps the world.
Maybe it’s to be a parent and raise good citizens.
Maybe it’s to have a calling that allows you to serve a lot of people.
Maybe it’s to simply be kind to others and make them feel happy and loved.

Post up the quotation by Brigham Young from the manual:
“There is neither man nor woman…”

God needs our help to build his kingdom.
(Get out Lego baseplates, Legos, and marbles or some other maze-building supplies)

This baseplate is like our life, our mission, it represents the life’s journey we’re on.

This marble/ball (whatever you have that is small enough but not too small) represents….what do you think? (us)

I want you to work individually or together (depending on how many supplies you have for your class) to create a maze for yourself, for your marble. (show example photo)

(let them have up to 10 minutes to do this, to show off what they did, and time to settle down and get back to learning)
Sometimes these prophets that we’re learning about have a big mission.
What was the big mission for Joseph that we just learned about? (save the people of Egypt)

Moses is who we’re going to learn about next.
We’re going to learn about the mission that he was called to perform.


Tell the story of Moses (through the section listed in the manual) and us the discussion questions.

Also remind them of the history of Joseph and why they were in Egypt.


Use a printed-out birds-eyes view of your church building and the walkways around it.

To do this, go to Google Maps’ satellite image to recreate the one I’ve done of our building shown at the top.

You will be taking them on a “maze” to represent their life’s choices.

Have the door you’ll exit out of marked “earth life” and the door you’ll enter back into “eternal life.”

Walk reverently around the building on the walkways of the maze, following the print out.
You could turn this into a discussion, having the bushes/trees represent obstacles and discuss what they've learned about their life plan.


Knowing what your mission is in this life isn’t always easy, and it may only become clear when you’re older.
How will you know what the Lord’s mission is for you?
Staying living righteously in order to be worthy and able to serve.
You will be blessed as you do this!

Take home idea:
- a maze kit: a Ziploc bag with a paper plate, straws, and a bead and instructions in the example below from my lesson last year
- a fancy marble to remind them of the maze along with the Brigham Young quotation

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