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Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 6 Lesson 21 The Ten Commandments


from the awesome Prince of Egypt, the very end


Manual artwork of Moses

You could draw the tablets, perhaps even learn some Paleo-Hebrew to write on there (many schools of thought about what language was etched into the plates!), or even just regular Hebrew.


Hand out paper for each kid that’s numbered 1 to 10.

Tell them you want them to come up with 10 good rules for life, like a manual for life.
What 10 rules for everyone in the world to live by? Remind them that they need to be universal.

Have everyone share their thoughts and discuss a little.
Only God can come up with a “list” for life that applies to all.
The 10 Commandments are inspired, are from God, and are for the world!
And that’s what we’re going to be learning about today!
By the end of our lesson today, you’re going to know them better than you do right now.


There’s also a great video that would work as a nice intro to this lesson:


Okay, so the Israelites crossed through the Red Sea and then what?

Raise your hand if you know what happens next?

The traveled in the wilderness for two months!

Finally they reached Mount Sinai.
When they arrived, Moses went up the mountain to talk with Jesus Christ.
He told Moses to tell the Israelites how they’d been blessed.
And indeed they had!
Think of all the ways the Lord had preserved them through those plagues etc.
The Lord told Moses that they should obey his commandments and he would bless them.
Moses went down the mountain and told the Israelites what Jesus had said.
They said they would obey!

(and continue on with all of the story, lots of great LDS resources out there)

A good one:

Lessons 48, 49, 50, 51 here:

Part of learning the 10 commandments could be to have the summary of each printed out and use the two categories mentioned in the manual - love God and love neighbors - and categorize them as you're learning them, or do it all after.

Be sure to also use the great discussion questions in the manual.


There’s a really cute song in the Children’s Songbook called The Ten Commandments that is definitely lesser-known but covers them all, and has a really cute tune!

You could have the Commandments posted and as you sing it, point to each one. Or have props for each one, or assign a commandment to each kid and have them stand and hold up a piece of paper with that commandment number when you sing it...maybe sing it faster and faster so they have to stand up faster and faster!


This is an awesome video of a Christian-lady with hand motions (with meaning behind it) for each commandment! I think kids will really learn from this!
We’ll go through this as a class and see if they can remember them.


Using a tablet-shaped cardboard covered in foil and some sort of toothpick or wooden skewer, have them etch on their own tablets the ways they will strive to follow the 10 commandments, perhaps they write one sentiment/sentence or maybe they make a short list.


The 10 Commandments are our “manual” for life - including the commandment to love one another.

I am so grateful for Moses and the sacrifices he went through to receive those sacred tablets, grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who helps us to know how to be happy, and grateful that we can try hard every day to follow those commandments….even though it’s hard!

Take home idea:
Make treats with this neat chocolate mold (or others like it found on Amazon or online)

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