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Short Attention Span Sunday School: Primary 6 Lesson 20 The Israelites Receive Food From Heaven


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(coriander seed)


Post this quotation:
“Faith in God engenders a love for the Sabbath; faith in the Sabbath engenders a love for God.” 
- Russell M. Nelson

Also Isaiah 58:13 about the Sabbath being a delight.

Bring in a bottle of coriander seed, if you have some, and honey. Have it set on the table.

*the whole talk is good and may provide inspiration:


I’ve done this before and have it posted on a post from Primary 5.

Have the words to a Sabbath Day hymn or songbook song printed out and on the board and have the words in a large font.

Sing it together once.

Then the next time, on every 7th word, decide what you’re going to do instead of singing the word (clap your hands once, stomp your foot once, pull your ear once).

You could even come up with a list of things so for the first 7th word you clap, the next 7th word you stomp, etc. List your things on the board so no one forgets.

(why the 7th word? the sabbath day is the 7th day!)

It may also be helpful to underline or circle each 7th word (after singing it through the first time) if you feel your class needs help remember what those words are.


This lesson is pretty much Exodus 16:1-35

You can have them read in their scriptures one verse at a time, down the row, taking turns, etc.

And perhaps you can have printed out or drawn images beforehand and after they read their scripture, you can have them find the corresponding picture about their verse, and tape it up on the wall or the board in order.

So for example:
Verse 1: group of people and a calendar showing the 15th day of the second month, and the outline of Egypt with “Egypt” written in the middle.

Verse 2: group of people upset with two men (Moses and Aaron)

And so on.
You can also skip some verses or merge some verses if your group is smaller, use your own discretion as long as the main story is being told as the manual suggests.
Be sure to include the discussion questions as you go through the scriptures.


Found at this link:

I will adapt it a little but follow the basics:

Manna papers (or something like that) with the question on the back with a scripture reference
I might have the scripture printed out for them to find the answer rather than have them look it up.
I will have some sort of basket for them to put the manna into.
Then at the end I plan to have the basket of manna turned in for “real” manna (see below).


Tell them the scriptures describe manna in Exodus 16:31 as “like coriander seed, white; and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey.”
You can make this

Or use Frosted Flakes, or Nilla Wafers, etc.
There are a lot of ideas online!


I'm so grateful for the Sabbath Day. The scriptures tell us that it can be a delight. Just as we need to feel refreshed after a long day, after a long week the Sabbath acts as a way to refresh us and keep us feeling uplifted. Focus on the Sabbath Day as a way to feel renewed and also prepared for the coming week and making good decisions.

Send them home with:
- Something with honey, or more of the snack you handed out.

- Include a scripture about the Sabbath Day and perhaps a list of ideas about how to keep the Sabbath Day holy (ideas are in the manual and elsewhere on

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